Why Grow Microgreens At Home?

  • Access to fresh greens every day all year-round!
  • Meet daily nutritional needs (naturally) for a healthy immune system!
  • Get more bang for your buck (less cost more health benefits)!
  • Grow indoors where you control the environment!
  • All seeds are non-GMO!
  • Does NOT require pesticides or harmful chemicals!

Introducing our HomeGRO Microgreen Gardens

Our HomeGROTM systems are specifically designed to grow microgreens hydroponically.  That means without the use of soil and sunlight.  Instead, they use natural fiber mats or coconut coir (crushed coconut shell) as a base for the seeds to take root. HomeGROTM systems use low-wattage, high-output, grow lights which emit a full spectrum of light similar to that of the sun.


We offer two HomeGROTM "countertop" systems based on budget and design preferences.  Both systems produce high yield rates and quality microgreens.


Both HomeGROTM systems come with a complete tool kit including grow trays, humidity dome, grow mats/media and non-GMO microreen seeds.  The systems come pre-assembled and ready to use.

HomeGRO Natural

  • Beautiful, hand-made, all wood, countertop, microgreen grow station
  • Single, full spectrum, low-wattage, grow light
  • Available in white or a red mahogany stain finish
  • Ideal for use on a countertop, cabinet or shelf. Size 24"Lx12"Dx10"H.
  • Grow kit and seed supplies included.

HomeGRO Pro

  • Powder-coated, metal shelves with tough, clear, polycarbonate supports for easy viewing and years of continuous operation
  • Two, full spectrum, low-wattage grow lights for faster grow times
  • Extra grow bulbs for uninterupted operation
  • Fast seed germination
  • Comes with beautiful textured finish in white, light grey or black
  • For use on kitchen counter, cabinet or shelf.  Size 14"Lx12"Dx10"H.
  • Includes grow kit and seed supplies for plug and play operation.

HomeGRO hydroponic systems produces healthier plants than traditional gardens.

Simple 2-Step Continuous Operation

STEP 1 - Microgreens are erminated and grown on the bottom shelf (Grow Shelf) under full spectrum, high-output, low-wattage, grow lights designed to promote early vegetative plant growth.


STEP 2 - The top shelf is the harvesting shelf where the microgreens are placed when they are ready to eat.  You simply snip the amount of microgreens you need for your meal and leave the rest growing for future meals.  By the time you run out, more microgreens from the Grow Shelf are now ready for harvesting.

Everything you need to produce the healthiest greens on earth!

  • Assorted microgreen grow trays
  • Clear humidity dome
  • A month's supply of:
    • Proprietary nutrition-rich grow media (not soil)
    • Non-GMO microgreen seeds
  • Misting bottle

No assembly required - just plug it in and turn the lights on!


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