Growing Microgreens on Your Home-Gro System

Above all remember this one datum - "Plants already know how to grow!" They just need a stable environment, and that's your job!  Your microgreen grow kit contains everything you need to grow microgreens and the following pictures and short videos should take care of the growing part.  Plant density can be an issue if there is insufficent air in the room.  We found that small rooms (like small bedrooms) don't do as well as larger rooms like living rooms simply because there is more air volume.  Keep this in mind if you find your plants are not doing as well as expected.


The following pictures show you the daily growth rate of microgreens over a 6-day span in our living room.  Growth can vary depending on a number of local conditions, but these pictures will give you an idea of what to expect and when they are ready for consumption.


Tray preparation and seeding are the key to bountiful crops.  The bio-degradable grow media is a very special blend of coconut, nitrates and aborbent materials designed to hold large amounts of water and air for long periods of time. Each of the seed packets contain enough seeds to fully complement one grow tray.  Try to spread all of the seeds as evenly as possible over the entire bed of media. [This gets easier to do over time]


Ideally you should use filtered water (to eliminate the chlorine), but if not available, use water that has been sitting for a while (chlorine gases off when left sitting).  When spraying (water only), make sure all of the media gets soaked. Be sure to place the clear dome on the tray when done.

After the seeds are germinated (plants are rooted), the clear dome is removed and the grow tray is place under the grow lights.  At this point the microgreens must be watered daily (preferrably at the same time each day).  You grow kit includes a small bottle of concentrated plant food from which 10 drops are added to 1 cup of non-chlorinated water which is then poured into the bottom (feeding) tray.  This will ensure healthy plant growth.


PLEASE NOTE:  If growing in a small room, you might need to use a small fan to maintain some air circulation.  These plants like a room temperature of around 75F which can be a little cooler at night (say 65F to 70F).

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